Opioid Victims

This is a MDL (Multi- District Litigation) located in Ohio Federal Court. The action was filed on behalf of States, Counties, and Cities & Towns for damages caused by the Manufacturers, distributors, Pharmacies. Settlements in the works, End Of January, 2022. The offer is 26 Billion from three Defendants, Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health; Bergen. This will be a global settlement for approximately two thousand litigates. This is what we believe the first of three settlements from the above. Our Attorney Partners and percentage breakdown; Motley Rice 50%, Fears Natchawati 15%, Ferrier Pierpont 15%, Kane law Group 15%. This litigation is due to the failure to adhere to Federal Statute requiring reporting of Opioid sales and distribution if the order is increased or suspicious. Many orders over the last decade have increased significantly without the required notification to DEA. One of our Attorneys is Jonathan Novak, Former DEA Enforcement Attorney who prosecuted this very litigation on the Opioid distributors. Jonathan understands the process and violations in which applies to this MDL. Additionally, Jonathan was featured on a 60 Minute broadcast several years ago to expose this matter. Motley Rice Attorney & Principal Joe Rice is on the Settlement committee for this MDL. Joe has structured some of the most difficult cases in the US. Example: Takoma Air Bags, Gulf Oil Spill, Tobacco Litigation, and many others. Fears Natchawti Attorney Partner Matthew McCarley; Litigated the highest Civil Law Suit in the State of Texas. Jury Verdict from Insurance company for one Plaintiff in the amount of 140 Million dollars. Kane Law Group, Attorney and Principal John Kane litigated against State Farm Personal Injury case for accident victim death and Settled the case for 1.5 Million dollars 2nd quarter of 2021. In Addition, John working with Principal Law Group is settling cases for Hernia Mesh, Johnson & Johnson Round Up over 600 cases. Also John is working with initial litigation against Trans union, Experian, Equifax for violations of fair credit act, failing to report & correct charge offs and removing said after notifications. Call or email us today to find out about your legal rights.